Thanks for visiting my very own bookstore. Here, you will find some books I recommend to my clients. Some of the topics I include are relationships, LGBTQ identity development, navigating polyamory and its related dynamics, and others. Please explore the books lists and see what interests you.

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Books on Relationships

Books included in this list:

1000+ Little Habits of Happy, Successful Relationships by: Marc and Angel Chernoff

Relationship Goals by: Michael Todd

Unf#ck Your Intimacy by: Faith G. Harper

Books on LGBTQ Relationships

Books included in this list:

Helping Gay Men Find Love

Love Comes First

This Book is Gay

Books on LGBTQ Identity and History

Books included in this list:

A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities

The Queeriodic Table: A Celebration of LGBTQ Culture


Books on Polyamory

Books included in this list:

The Ethical Slut


The Jealousy Workbook

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