You might not think of it as an issue, but social awareness is a great topic to keep in mind when you’re dating in the LGBTQIA community. The last several years have seen many changes take place at the societal and political levels in the United States and across the globe. These changes can have a direct effect on your dating life as someone who identifies as gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. Stigma, violence, discrimination, and others societal issues cast some shadows on relationships within the LGBTQIA community. This is not to say that you should not date. This article is to remind you to be socially aware and be safe as you date potential partner or partners.

LGBTQIA Dating Tips: Coming out Stage Awareness

Each state will have its different political and social climate. Some states have passed legislature that fight against hate geared toward people in the LGBTQIA community. Other states do not have anything in place. Or, they have laws that infringe on rights associated with marriage, adoption, and general gender or sexual expression. For these reasons, social awareness is something to discuss with your partner or partners. The more you educate yourself and loved ones on these issues, the more likely you’ll be prepared when you set out on to date in different areas of the country or globe!

These resources can help you find information on the LGBTQIA rights in the state of Florida:

Equality Florida

LGBT Rights in Florida

HRC: Florida Scorecard

These resources also share insights on the social awareness issues in other states throughout the country. How did your state do? How socially aware you? How have different societal attitudes and political views impacted your dating experiences as someone in the LGBTQIA community?

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