In my last post, I started to share some LGBTQIA dating tips. I started off the series with some information on how an individual’s current coming out stage is sometimes an influence on their relationship successes. For this post, I want to elaborate a bit more and discuss how someone’s sexuality comfort level also impacts their dating experiences. Whether you are using LGBTQ dating apps, or trying out dating the old fashioned way, these tips might be helpful!

This year, we have witnessed celebrities such as Jojo Siwa, Colton Underwood, and Elliot Page share their coming out stories. Each of them has shared how their sexuality or gender expression has been a big part of their identity. Their development to who they are today has changed their views on themselves and how their connect with others in a romantic sense.

The extent to which someone is secure with their sexuality plays a role in how comfortable they are expressing themselves openly in the community, engaging in PDA (public displays of affection), or even inviting a potential partner or partners to a family gathering. Getting in touch with your sexuality is a process that is unique to each person. As I mentioned in my last post, coming out stages can play a role here. The different stages in the sexual identity development models are closely linked to how at ease someone feels with themselves. The stages very from internalized homophobia to identity pride. The spectrum in between dictates how a person will express themselves in the dating scene.

Sexuality comfort levels will change over time. The more you get to know yourself, the better you will feel. This means exploring what you are comfortable with in a safe way. Take your time and avoid letting others pressure you into engaging in activities before you are ready for them. Comfort levels can include physical and emotional intimacy. Ask yourself what you are okay with. What are you not okay with? Seek out healthy social support and resources to help you in the journey.

Here are a few resources you can check out as you navigate your sexuality journey:

It Gets Better

Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression

Center for Positive Sexuality

Where are you in your sexual identity development journey? What are factors that influenced the path to who you are today? If you are looking for guidance as you explore who are you in the LGBTQIA community, reach out today. I am available to work with clients in Florida. Visit my Contact or Getting Started page for more details. If you’re ready to book your first therapy session today, visit the link to my client portal here.

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