Relationships are what you make them. Each couple or group of partners defines what a relationship means to them. Different relationship orientations exist among couples and dating connections. While monogamy has long been lauded as the “correct” way to go about dating and marriage, it is not the only way to connect with partners in your life. Polyamory is one relationship orientation that is often misunderstood. This orientation involves having more than one partner or paramour with which you connect for meeting intimacy, love, and sex needs.

While each paramour or partner might not be considered the same in the network of partners, each person within the network is treated with respect and love. Unlike monogamous relationships, polyamorous relationships take place during the same time-frame as other relationships. Each connection is given attention and tended to with the goal of respecting each individual’s needs, boundaries, and space in the relationships. 

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Something to consider: Have you ever considered that you are polyamorous? Sometimes we see conflict within a monogamous relationship when one person feels they have a polyamorous relationship orientation while the other person does not. If you are currently experiencing this, or have questions on how to navigate some of these issues in your relationship, reach out today. Together, we can work through some potential solutions.

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