Couples share many things. Daily interactions are often sprinkled with witty banter, serious conversations, and of course, the occasional argument.   Your mood from the workplace can sometimes spill into your home life, in turn causing the mood between the two of you to turn sour.   Being able to separate the two situations to effectively improve your mood as you return home after work, can really increase the likelihood that you will be happier together.

What are some ways to accomplish this?

  1. Try to take off your work hat and decompress.

When you first get home from work, you might be cranky or feeling stressed out from a hectic day. If you take a moment to relax and disconnect from your work mindset, you will be a bit more relaxed and ready to handle what your family might through your way when you enter your home. Try to do this before you get home.  Maybe you can sit in your car a bit or take a longer route on the way home to allow yourself a breather.  Clients have even told me that taking a walk or run right after work and then heading home really helps them clear their minds.  In turn, they are more positive when they see their family.

2. Exercise for a mental boost!

If you take the time to exercise,  you will feel better both physically and mentally. has actually said that exercising can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, symptoms that can impact how you react to seeing your family after a hard day at work.  Exercise releases chemicals that have been shown to elevate your mood.   If you try to get a bit of exercise on a regular basis, you might notice an increase you in your positive thoughts and general outlook on your relationships.

3. Communicate your needs.

Let your partner know that you are not cranky with them. Being clear that you had a tough day at work and are in need of a break can really clear the air.  This will help you avoid any misunderstandings.  This will also afford you the opportunity to voice that you would like a breather to relax and be more prepared to share some quality time as a couple.

How do you feel after work?  What do you do to improve your mood for your partner?

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